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Frequently Asked Questions

If the following FAQs can't solve your question, please feel free to contact us!

About the submission

Q: How many directories will the tool submit to?
A: It shall submit to more than 1000 directories, but actual number of directories are not fixed. Since we keep adding to and removing directories from our database.

Q: How long it takes to submit to the 1000+ directories?
A: Normally it shall finish submitting to all the directories in around 100 minutes. But depends on your internet connection, sometimes it will be less, while sometimes it will spend more time than 2 hours. The tool will printout the start time, end time and total time used of the submission process at the bottom if the process is successfully finished.

Q: What's the step by step guide to submit my website?
A: First, you shall fill in all fields with your link information, and make sure download the reciprocal link file, unzip it and upload to your server, input the url of the backlinks.html file in the reciprocal link field.
Second, click Submit button, and it will turn to paypal payment page. If you have a paypal account, please log in to pay the bill, or you can pay by credit card directly. Paypal accepts most popular credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, AmericaExpress, etc.
Third, after successful payment, it will display a button like continue the submission button. Click this button, and then the submission process will be started automatically.

Q: Will the tool successfully submit to all the directories?
A: No, no matter how regularly we maintenance the directories, there are some directories will be down today or tomorrow.

Q: Will the tool guarantee approval from a directory?
A: No, the tool will only submit to the directories, but submit to a directory doesn't mean approve by a directory. Submit to a directory and approve by a directory are 2 different things.

Q: How many confirm emails shall I receive after submitting to the 1000 directories ?
A: There are not a fixed value, sometimes you will get 100 emails, sometimes 200, or 300, 400. Please be noted that not every directory will send confirm email for each link submission. As a comparison, manually submitting to 1000 directories, you shall receive around 400 confirm emails (This number is from my manual directory submission service). To confirm the submission, you can just refresh the submission page again, and check how many messages like "title isn't unique in the database", "domain already existed" you got for the second time.

Q: Are the directories owned by or its partners?
A: No, the directories are collected from directory list websites, forums like digitalpoint, v7n, directorycritic, etc. The directories are from different IPs, so it will give you best SEO.

About the submission form

Q: Why it said "8-40 characters will be better" for the title field in the submission form?
A: Some directories have a limit in title length, some will require it be less than 30, some will require it be more than 10. So it's better not to put a too long or too short title in the title field. Also most directories will not accept duplicate title names, so make sure your title is unique.
Actually there are only around 10 directories have such limit, so SEO oriented and unique title is more important than the character limit.

Q: Can we submit sub domain or internal urls?
A: Our script has not limit in sub domain or internal urls. But you are not recommended to do that, since most directories owners will reject deep links. Specially for deep links, only few directories accept deep link submissions, while sub domain is accept by around 70% of the directories.

Q: What's the better description length?
A: Some directories will require the description be shorter than 500 characters (even some will require less than 200), while some will require it be more than 100 characters. There is no minimum and maximum limit for all the directories. But a description with a length between 150 and 200 characters will meet most directories' requirements.

Q: Can I put an email address with different domain from the link to be submitted?
A: Yes, you can. Only few directories require the email address from the same domain as the link. The only thing is that some directories require email verifications for submissions, so make sure you put a live email address here, and check it regularly.

Q: Can we leave the reciprocal link field as default?
A: Yes, you can, but it's not suggested to do that (an extra $1 will be charged for using the default reciprocal link), since it's not good to submit many many links with the same reciprocal link url. And if it's detected by a directory owners, they will reject your link.

Please download the backlinks.rar file contains all the reciprocal link code for those reciprocal required directories, unzip it and then upload that html file to your server, type the url of that file in the reciprocal link field.

About the category options

Q: What does it mean deep category name and main category name?
A: Most directories have several levels of categories, some will have only one level of categories. Main category are those like "Arts', "Business", "Computers", etc. If you go to DMOZ, those bold blue categories are the main categories, or first level of categories. And those categories under the main categories are called second level categories, those under second levels are called third level categories, etc. All those except main categories are called deep category name.
For those directories with several levels of categories, most of them will only accept links submit to deep categories!

Q: How to input the 4 category options?
A: It's very important to input the 4 category options, since this will make the submission to a directory successful or not. And the tool will crawl a category from a directory based on the following algorithium:
Category Option 1: this shall be the exact deep category you wanted. When found in a directory, the category crawler will not search for the rest cateory options;
Category Option 2: if the first deep category option not found, the crawler will search for this one as backup. When found in a directory, the category crawler will not search for the rest cateory options;
Category Option 3: in case a directory doesn't have second level category, this is the first choice of main category to submit to; if found, will not search for category option 4;
Category Option 4: if all the above category options are not found, will search for this category option;
If all the above are not found, the crawler will search for sub words of the category options if they have multiple words;

The tool can accept categories with or without -es, -s, -ing, etc, and for multiple words categories, you can use and, or, &, etc between the words.

Q: Why we shall input 2 main categories instead of 2 deep categories?
A: To avoid the cases that a directory doesn't have deep categories, and that the crawler can't find a matched deep category.

Q: How the category crawler match the input category names from a directory categories?
A: The tool is smart enough to crawl user input categories from a directory. It can search the category with and without plural, with or without -ing. It will try to find the exact user input categories, if not and the categories have more than 1 word, it can search for sub words. And it use regular expression to find the categories from a directory page.
Example 1: If you input "beauty" in the submission form, it will select any category names including "beauty" as a matched one, e.g. "beauty products", "beauty salon", etc;
Example 2: If you input "marketing and advertising", then "marketing and advertising", "marketing & advertising", "market and advertise", "marketing", "advertising" etc will be treated as a matched one;
Example 3: If you input "clothes", it will fetch "clothes", "clothing", "cloth" as the matched category.
So our suggestion is to input the category option 1 the exact deep category you want, and the category option 3 the exact main category you want, and then put the category option 2 and category option 4 a more common category name which can be found in most directories.

About the submission process

Q: Can you show a demo of the submission process?
A: Please view this demo:

Q: What does the submission status "done" mean?
A: Means that the tool submit to a directory is successful. If that directory will send a confirm email for submissions, you shall receive one confirm email under that case.

Q: What does the submission status "Errors:" mean?
A: The tool will only put "done" in the status field if the feedback from a submission have the words like "link submitted and avaiting approval ". Any other feedbacks except errors which doesn't have the above words inside will put "Errors" together with the error messages .

Q: What does the submission status "Directory unreachable " mean?
A: This means the directory are down, e.g. hosting account suspended, directory removed, etc.

Q: What does the submission status like "Smarty errors" mean?
A: For phpld directories, it will use smarty technology in designing the directory, and if there are any errors with the smarty modules, it will show this error.

Q: What are the use for the "show result" link?
A: We are trying to show the post submission page to users, and then you can know whether it's successfully submitted to a directory or not immediately.

Q: What's the "timeout" means in the submission process page?
A: Don't worry about this, it's the apache server time out issue for scripts like php, perl, etc.

Q: Can I resubmit my website later? Or can I resubmit if the first submission is not a success?
A: Yes, you can submit the same website information without paying as many times as you can until we remove your website information from our server.
For each successful payment, you shall receive an email from paypal. And in that email, it shall have the payment details like this picture. And in the payment details, you shall see the Invoice ID similar as below. So if you want to resubmit your website again, just type in the url in your browser like this: (please don't forget to change the invoice ID to yours!).

Q: How long will my website information be kept in the server?
A: There is no scheduled time we will delete your website information, but normally we will remove the submitted website information in around 1 month.

Others like refund, affiliate, discounts, etc

Q: Will you refund if the submission process is not finished?
A: We will not refund if the submission process is terminated due to your internet connection problem, or manually stop the submission process by yourself. However, you can resubmit your link if you have internet connection problem, or you stopped the process and want to restart it later.

Q: Do you have any affiliate program?
A: Currently no, but it's under construction and will have an affiliate program in the near future.

Q: What's the discounts for bulk websites submitting?
A: Currently no discounts available.

Q: Is the PR value show in the list the actual PR of the directories?
A: Maybe, it's the actual PR value of a directory when we collected it. But since google will update PR every quater, maybe it's not correct for some directories later.

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